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At Herzigs, we have completely re-imagined the experience of going to the mechanic. Fully licensed and insured, our mechanics can service your cars and small engines while you’re at home, at work, at the golf course, or pretty much anywhere.

Vehicle failure never comes at a good time. Most likely you are in a position trying to handle work or family responsibilities and cannot deal with the stress and emotion being stranded or without your vehicle. Having the benefit of mobile car service is vital to being able to get back on your way with as little down time as possible. You can be confident in knowing that we understand your situation and are there to help.
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Mobile Servicing
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Mobile dent removal is an extremely cost-effective solution for repairing damage to bodywork.
This is a quick and cost effective solution for the everyday car park dings and small dents where the paint has not been damaged or chipped.

This latest method of repairing small dents and car park dings is quicker and easier as well as more environmentally friendly.
This repair method is available as a mobile service using specialist tools that massage the metal to it’s original position, providing the original paint is not damaged. Please contact us for more details.
Mobile Dent removal
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There are a few services that may require us to recover your vehicle to our workshop. We provide full location-to-location recovery here at Herzigs, so this is not a problem. We will repair your vehicle, and bring it back to you!
We also offer a car transportation service, please call for details.
Vehicle Recovery
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Our technicians are fully equipped to service your companies fleet. As well as servicing, we are also able to offer the following…

Brake Pads





Starter Motor


Dent Removal

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Mobile Fleet Servicing